5 Pleasure Hacks to Send Her Over the Edge


If you are looking for new ways to bring your partner pleasure, then look no further. This guide is perfect for couples of all sexes, genders, and designations, and the tips outlined work well for anyone with a vagina.

Discovering each other’s bodies and what makes you tick is just one of the many joys of being in a sexual relationship, which is why these top pleasure hacks are sure to help heighten arousal and send her over the edge.

1.    Be More Vocal

Vocalizations aren’t just for self-affirmations in the morning. Telling your partner how much you like what you are doing together, how hot she is making you, and what you want to do with her can help heighten both of your arousals.

Simply communicating with either sounds or noises of approval can keep her in the moment instead of in her head and might help orgasms come more naturally. Plus, communication doesn’t just improve pleasure, but being more vocal sets a good precedent where you can both ask and negotiate your fantasies in a safe place.

2.    Try Sensory Deprivation

One of the easiest beginner-friendly ways to increase pleasure is to use a blindfold. When one of the senses (in this case, sight) is taken away, physical pleasure naturally increases. For the best results, focus on foreplay so that you can find where she is most sensitive – and remember, erogenous zones are not only near the genitals.

Another popular type of sensory deprivation is physical and involves bondage. There are many positions and styles to try, so be prepared to explore what works for her and what doesn’t. In any case, before any type of sensory deprivation is introduced, you will need to have a serious talk to ensure both of you are comfortable and feel in control throughout.

3.    Try the Clitoral Roll

The clitoral roll is very simple. Rather than simply stroking, you will want to gently squeeze the clit with your forefinger and thumb and roll it between your fingers. Many women may not have tried this technique, so if you are the one to introduce it to her, you’ll be sure to send her over the edge.

You can even do an approximate of this method with your tongue. To do it, you will want to put her clit into your mouth and use suction while rolling your tongue.

4.    Introduce Toys

Toys are the perfect way to spice up the bedroom and improve the variety of ways you please her and the intensity of her pleasure. There are so many great toys to consider – from vibrators to dildos that you can find at stores like wetforher.com. When shopping for sex toys, be sure to browse together so that you can get the toys and sizes to suit her tastes.

5.    Practice Edging

Edging is a great way to improve the length and intensity of an orgasm! Though all sexes can practice edging, it’s particularly powerful for women, especially she has had trouble cumming with her partner in the past.

For the best results, you’ll want to practice edging on your own and with your partner so that you can improve your ‘me time’ and blow her mind when you have sex.