Crunch Some Numbers in Your Love Relationship


Many may have heard of crunching some numbers at the office, but most definitely not in love relationships. What kind of relationship are you looking for with your man? Is it going to be a dating relationship, a platonic one, or a long-distance one in which you can play it safe? It is, therefore, imperative that you carefully calculate his moves toward you and try to construe what he is truly up to.

Where is the love?

In case he is truly into you, ask him what he thinks of some Bangalore call girls. If he says that he would not think of having a serious relationship with one of them, then he might be telling you what his true feelings are for you. Restrain yourself in case he disapproves of a serious relationship or even a marital relationship with you. Try not to show your true feelings to avoid getting hurt in the process of trying to win his love. If he is not happy, then you can always ask him to have a long-distance relationship with you to protect yourself from getting a serious heartbreak.

What is his love energy?

Love tan amounting to love is not the same as true love. Try to construe the mathematical calculations that he is making. Whether he is looking for some pure love or something that is platonic, make sure you give it to him whenever he needs some of it in your relationship with him. It can give him some space and time to think over where the two of you are headed. Don’t confuse his body language with his love language because both are not always the same. Try to read into his love energies for some answers.

Enjoy the effect of love on you

If he is in love with you, he might show it in some way or another. Normally, Sydney escorts enjoy such things as pure love plus some displays of affection minus the drama. So, make your man appreciate you by returning his gestures of love and more. Not everyone is made for love but in case you want to enjoy the process, you have to simply let go. Try to go with the flow so that he can have some time to show you what you truly mean to him. Put in the effort toward making your relationship successful, but make sure that you are not the only one doing it all the time. Be sure to enjoy every moment with him and see the effects of love on you for yourself.

You deserve a better life

Even if the world treats you like one of the hot UK escorts with the aim of pleasing every man they see, you are not those things. Make sure to convey to your man that you love him back truly as he does you. Don’t be in a hurry to rush things forward because life has many better things to offer you just in case your relationship with him does not work out. Ask him to treat you well if he tells you that he is serious about you. Don’t forget to treat him right in return.

It is not a give-and-take relationship

Make sure to invest some time in your relationship with your man. Because you would need his time at some point of time or another, make sure that you do not bicker about the small things in your relationship with him. Instead, put them in a way that he would understand your needs much better. Listen to what your heart says about him and make your relationship work for the better.