Myths About Sex We All Believed


Numerous myths that people grow to believe are true, which sometimes cause the terrible sex life they experience. Most of the information people know about sexuality comes from movie scenes, random adult conversations, and school classes. All these are mostly half the true myths that sometimes are harmless but can lead to relational stress, unexpected pregnancies, and STIs. This article will explore the myths about sex we all believe.

  1. You Don’t Need a Lubricant When You Are Aroused

Irrespective of how much you feel aroused, the vaginal wetness is not proportional. People assume that when they are aroused, their vaginal will be equally wet, making it easy for penetration. To avoid difficulties and painful sex, consider using a lubricant. Some factors make lubricant a necessity, including pregnancy, menopause, medication such as antihistamines, monthly cycle, and not drinking more water.

  1. Choose a Water Lubricant that You Fill Comfortable Using

Sex Toys Can Make You Lose Your Sensitivity and Run Your Sex with Your Partner

Most people believe that sex toys will ruin their sex life with their partner by making them less sensitive. Sex toys do not threaten your sexual partner; instead, they should help refresh partnered sexual experiences. Women sometimes struggle with an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, and a small vibe can help enhance the sensation. You can consider visiting an adult toy megastore to get a vibrator or other toys that can help stimulate you during sex. This makes it more pleasurable for everyone involved.

  1. Anal and Oral Sex is Safe Alternatives to Vaginal Sex

There are different ways of having sex and styles. When planning safe sex, you must define what you are trying to stay safe from. When avoiding getting pregnant, anal and oral can sound like better alternatives. However, you are at risk when trying to keep safe from STIs such as gonorrhea, HPV, chlamydia, and herpes, as they can be transmitted via anal and oral sex. Before doing oral or anal sex, visit a health care provider to request a specific STI test you might be at least for.

  1. Your Partner Should Provide Condoms

Another myth that most people believe is that they partner, especially the male. If you are a straight lady, don’t assume that the role man is to bring the condom since they are the one who will be wearing it. There are numerous condoms designed for both men and women, and you must carry a condom as a way to take control of reproductive and sexual health. Sometimes you can’t know if the condom your partner is carrying has expired or is defective, so having yours that you trust is ideal to ensure you are safe.

  1. Withdrawal Method Can Prevent You from Getting Pregnant

Most people often use Withdrawal as a family [planning measure. This common contraceptive technique involves the man pulling his penis out of the vagina before ejaculating. This method, when done correctly, has at least a 4% failure rate, while condom has a 2% failure rate, which means that at least four women out of 100 can get pregnant using this method. When using this method, you need to be perfect and do it correctly before ejaculating since when the semen gets near the vagina, it can climb up and fertilize the egg. Additionally, you can consider using another method alongside the Withdrawal, such as birth control pills, to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Bottom Line!

The above myths about sex are pervasive among people, and you need to be cautious and seek to gain more information to avoid the dangers that come with half-truths. You can always consult your doctor if you are unsure about soothing. Additionally, don’t be afraid to use sex toys to boost your sex life.