What is a hotwife: why do men like it so much?


A hotwife is a woman, married or in a relationship, who openly has intimate relationships with other partners, with the great pleasure of her husband or partner. He likes that she is quite hot for other men to seduce and have sex with. He enjoys these events.

What is a hotwife?

The amateur hotwife fetish is often found alongside cuckolding. But this is different in that hotwifing is focused on the wife, rather than the husband. In such a relationship, the man enjoys sharing his wife, and her sexual activities with other partners are encouraged. And the very thought of this greatly excites a man.

Here’s how a cuckold differs from a hotwife:

  • Cuckolding includes an element of humiliation of a husband or partner. With the help of betrayal, he gets a feeling of humiliation and at the same time pleasure and excitement.
  • In a hotwife, the man considers himself the proud owner of the sexiest and hottest woman. What excites him is not the betrayal itself, but the fact that his woman is desired by others.

The element of competition increases testosterone levels in such a man. They like to demonstrate their hotwife with the help of revealing clothes, open parts of the body and, as if on purpose, naked sexual places on the woman’s body.

Why do men like it?

If we consider the positive features of hotwifing, then a man does this, because he wants to give her a gift, to demonstrate his deep trust. If the relationship in a couple is healthy, then hotwifing will help them feel closer and have fun from breaking the taboo against a woman cheating in marriage.

Some couples don’t even get to the point of having sex with other partners. A voyeur man can only enjoy watching his wife flirt with other men, correspondence, and open flirtations at parties or any other place.

In other cases, men who enjoy a hotwife may have suppressed homosexuality, low self-esteem, fear of being rejected by a woman, or anxiety about their sexual capabilities and talents.

What is important to know?

An important aspect of any fetish is the voluntary consent of both partners. In hotwifing both partners in a couple must be open to new relationships and agree to it. Otherwise, negative emotions cannot be avoided.

It may happen that a man is unable to cope with his jealousy, and the relationship may collapse. It may be that a woman does not feel comfortable in a non-monogamous relationship, because she is close to a traditional relationship with a single partner.

Some couples may discuss the very possibility of hotwifing in order to introduce something new into their sexual relationship. Therefore, before starting the experiment, the couple should first try to discuss and imagine possible situations. This can be useful for the spouse, it will show him how he would feel imagining his wife in bed with another man.

A hotwife relationship will help a woman feel sexy, desired, and can also take a couple’s sexual relationship to a wonderful new level. After all, experiments help to improve intimate life in a couple often.

It is very important to discuss the possibility of hotwifing in a particular couple, listen to your feelings and desires, and talk about your fantasies. This should not be an attempt to please the partner, because it is possible that after a negative experience, the partners’ relationship will never be the same.